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AEC Special Education Club is dedicated to building a resource and network platform for children with learning disabilities. We regularly organize online and offline activities to enable volunteers to participate in practical actions to help disabled children and speak for them from multi-aspect. Through various methods—for example, Website and Social software— we could expand people's awareness of special education, introduce the people targeted by special education and the difficulties faced by these children with learning disabilities. Furthermore, Our club has close ties with doctors and psychologists, and carries out mutual assistance projects for children with learning difficulties and general individuals. We insist that our club could help more difficult people out of difficulties and improve the cooperation and leadership of volunteers in this way.

-Ruihan Wu


  • Our project spans China and the United States, providing a student-led and managed platform for the development of public welfare projects for youth from all over the world. 

  • The purpose is to encourage young people from all over the world to cross regions and engage in meaningful public good activities to promote understanding of the trends in a multi-racial and cross-cultural world.

  • Understanding to become a future leader with global citizenship and responsibility. Teens can also lead nonprofit projects.

  • To cultivate our creativity and innovation, which are key to solving the world's problems of the 21st century.

-Totti Zhang


As a nonprofit and certifying organization, AEC is aimed at developing Chinese and American students into global leaders and innovators by providing mentorship, training, and opportunities to engage in service learning, and more importantly with the effort of all AEC members to help those children with studying disabilities.


The first step is to raise awareness, we hope more and more students with their ability and creativity to join us, since this is an opportunity that could not only help you to gain more knowledge and experience to work in a group to learn those concepts of studying disabilities but also to help those those children who have similar problem. What's more, we hope that with our efforts, more and more children with learning disabilities could be aware of how they could learn and become better.


After that, with more research and communication, we hope more methods of training will come to practice, because that will help more children to find their confidence towards study.

- Nuvole Bianche

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